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medications w/ certain hormones can cause false positives or negatives. and certain pregnancy tests are better than others. i recommend seeing a dr.

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2009-09-07 21:44:25
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Q: 3 positive pregnancy tests and 3 negative tests?
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You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

Are you pregnant if you have taken 3 pregnancy tests and two were negative and one positive and have missed your period by two weeks?

Take tests at a doctors and don't trust the home pregnancy ones.

I got 3 faint positive urine tests but a negative hcg blood test why and can it be wrong?

On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines, a recent pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy.

3 positive pregnancy tests is it for sure?

yes. One was enough

Is it possible to have 2 out of 3 positive pregnancy tests be false?

A false positive pregnancy test is extremely rare, so I would say no, if the tests read positive you are most likely pregnant.

If taking two pregnancy test were positive but 3 were negative can you still be pregnant?

Get yourself to a clinic and take a proper test. The home preggo tests are not always to be trusted, especially if they say negative.

Am i pregnant i took 3 at home pregnancy tests and all were positive?

Congrats. Most probably you are. False negative test are more likely than false positive ones. So yes.

Can you still be pregnant if 3 pregnancy tests have all been negative?

i know i took two tests and i was pregnant

Why No period in 3 months but 2 negative pregnancy tests?

Go see your GP.

You have missed your period for 3 months you took a pregnancy test one said negative and one said positive you got a doctors appointment but a month away im needing input?

Pregnancy tests react with a hormone that is present only during pregnancy. If one of your tests was positive, that hormone could be present, which means you are pregnant. However, since one of your tests was negative, this could mean that the positive test was a "false positive." A "false positive" happens sometimes, but it is very rare. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant or not is to go have an ultrasound done at the doctor's office.

Why did all of my pregnancy test come back negative but when I went to the doctor they said congratulations your 3 months pregnant?

i had this with my first baby its because some tests arnt as accurate as they make out my mate did 10 home tests all negative went to the doctors and it was positive

I have all pregnancy symptoms including implantation bleeding is it still possible to have 3 negative pregnancy tests?

Very, very unlikely if you're doing the tests right.

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