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On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines, a recent pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy.

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Q: I got 3 faint positive urine tests but a negative hcg blood test why and can it be wrong?
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Can you be pregnant if two tests were faint positive?

Yes. A pregnancy test is considered positive no matter how faint the lines are. Faint lines can be caused by a number of reasons like using diluted urine, factory defect, or not having a high hormone level. If you are questioning your tests answer always wait a few days and retest.

What does the inside strip of a clear blue digital pregnancy test look like when it's positive?

The digital pregnancy tests are the same set up as the basic tests. You will urinate on the test (or dip it in your fresh urine) and it will say positive or negative, but if you were to take the test apart the inside has the strip that will show with the one (if negative) or two (if positive) lines. From my experience, sometimes the test will display a negative reading but the strip will be positive with a faint line so always double test a few days later.

Can 2 positive pregnancy tests with a faint line be pregnancy?

Okay, if you can see there is two lines, but one is very faint, that is a 50% chance that it is. It could also be from sitting too long, as tests can become positive after a while. This is not what I understand. I was told that any line at all = positive, as the HCG that the test measures isn't in your body unless you're pregnant.

Can a urine pregnancy test keep showing negative but be positive on a blood test and be pregnant?

Yes. I don't know how but it can happen. I cannot use the urine preg. tests , I have to have the serum and then it has to be the quantitate not the yes or no one.

Can you have a positive blood pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

The chances of that happening are very low as false positive pregnancy tests are very rare

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Can you have two faint positive pregnancy tests then next morning be negative?

i think you got a false negative.. and even if you got faint positive lines it's still positive, that's what happened to me so i had to get an abortion

Can a positive ANA change to a negative ANA?

I have had blood several blood tests. In some, there is a positive ana and in others it's negative. What causes this?

How long after conception will blood tests show positive?

Around 2 weeks but it is faint. A month will show for sure!

You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

Got tubes tied and urine tests positive blood test negative what do you think?

Stop taking more urine tests. Repeat the blood test in two weeks.

You have taken 5 home pregancies they come up positive you have had two blood tests they both came up negative but the 2 one you took dected something and you had a little bit of human chrorine?

The best way to find out if you are pregnant are the blood tests. I have been mislead by home pregnancy tests before. But in my situation they came up negative and my blood tests came up positive... I was in fact pregnant.

Had 3 tests the first one was positive the second one had one line showing and the other line was very faint but the third one was negative. Have cramps and spotting. Coud I be pregnant?

Yes your pregnant for sure! You might want to get some blood work to be sure, pregnancy tests arent that accurate

Can you get a negative home pregnancy test and a positive blood test?

Yes. The home tests aren't accurate and only the blood test is the accurate one.

How is it that i got a positive at home pregnancy test and got a negative blood test?

At home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate.

Can HIV blood tests be wrong?

Yes HIV blood tests can be wrong; it's called a false positive or false negative. Get tested again to make sure either way if it will ease your mind.

Could it still be possible to be pregnant after 3 positive tests 3 negative tests a negative blood test but no bleeding?

Well To Find Out That Answer Go See Your Doctor Thats All You Got To do Good Luck

Can hydrocodone test positive for meth?

Negative hydrocodone tests positive for opiates

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