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Lv. 57 is the level when Torterra learns leaf storm but you can also teach it frenzy plant

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Q: What lvl does torterra learn leaf storm?
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What lvl does Sceptile learn leaf storm if not lvl 67 in emerald?

It will only learn leaf storm if you migrate it to diamond, pearl or platinum.

At what level do Grotle learn Leaf Storm on Pokemon Platinum Mines lvl 52 and haven't learned it yet?

It should learn it at level 52, if you evolve it, Torterra laerns it at level 57.

Can leafeon learn leaf storm?

Yes, I believe that it learns around lvl 71

Rate your Pokemon diamond team you have so far Torterra lv 77 moves Leaf Storm Earthquake Stone-edge?

empoleon lvl 100 dialga lvl 93 garchomp lvl 97 weavile lvl 89 palkia lvl 100 infernape lvl 100 and other legendaries

What are torterra's moves?

Start Wood Hammer Start Tackle Start Withdraw Start Absorb Start Razor Leaf lvl 5 Withdraw lvl 9 Absorb lvl 13 Razor Leaf lvl 17 Curse lvl 22 Bite lvl 27 Mega Drain lvl 32 Earthquake lvl 33 Leech Seed lvl 39 Synthesis lvl 45 Crunch lvl 51 Giga Drain lvl 57 Leaf Storm

What level does servine learn leaf storm?

sorry. Venusaur does not learn leaf storm. ________________________________________________________________________ if you have an r4 with Pokemon pearl/diamond on it. you can hack venusaurs moves. by downloading pokesav from if you have done than you have to load your Pokemon game sav and you can give your Pokemon every move there is.

What moves are recommended for lv 75 torterra to beat elite 4 you have bullet seed rock smash and rock climb not earthquake or leaf storm?

with those 3 moves your toast i taught mytorterra earthquake, rock slide, leaf storm, and giga drain he beat the elite 4 just fine and i was only lvl 55

Anyone want to trade Sinnoh starters specifically torterra lvl 60 for Infernape lvl 60?

I have a lvl 38 torterra. That's the best I can do.

What movesdoes torterra learn?

tropius learns many grass type moves. such as: Learned Moves:Leer - BasicGust - BasicGrowth - lvl 7Razor Leaf - lvl 11Stomp - lvl 17Sweet Scent - lvl 21Whirlwind - lvl 27Magical Leaf - lvl 31Body Slam - lvl 37Solarbeam - lvl 41Synthesis - lvl 47you can also see what moves other Pokemon learn on NOt COM!hope this helps you! -RR14

How do you get leaf blade in Pokemon Sapphire?

Grouvyle will learn leaf blade at lvl 29.

What level does Venusaur learn razor leaf?

lvl 35 i think

What lvl does weepingbell learn razor leaf on leaf green?

level 39 just after gastro acid