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lvl 35 i think

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Q: What level does Venusaur learn razor leaf?
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What level does turtwig learn razor leaf?

Turtwig is able to learn Razor Leaf at level 13.

What level will grovyle learn razor leaf?

Roserade cannot learn Razor Leaf through leveling up. However, Budew, Roselia, and Roserade can learn Razor Leaf through breeding.In order for one of the three Pokemon to know Razor Leaf, you need to breed a female Budew, Roselia, or Roserade with a male Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Bellsprout, Weepinbel, Victreebel, Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Sunkern, Sunflora, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Tropius, Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Cherubi, Cherim, Snover, Abomasnow, Cottonee, or Whimsicott.Please note that the Pokemon listed above in bold are able to learn Razor Leaf, and may require them to know Razor Leaf to breed with Budew, Roselia, or Roserade for a Budew that knows Razor Leaf.

When does turtwig learn magical leaf?

Turtwig is able to learn Razor Leaf at level 13.

What level does ivysaur learn moves?

Assuming it evolved at level 16 like normal... For Red/Blue/Yellow: 22: Poison Powder 30: Razor Leaf For Gold/Silver/Crystal/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Fire Red/Leaf Green: 22: Razor Leaf 29: Sweet Scent For Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: 20: Razor Leaf 23: Sweet Scent 28: Growth 31: Double-Edge Evolve at 32 to Venusaur

What lvl does weepingbell learn razor leaf on leaf green?

level 39 just after gastro acid

When does servine learn razor leaf?

Servine can not learn Razor leaf, it instead learns Leaf blade and Leaf tornado.

What level does Charmander learn razor leaf?

charmander doesnt learn razor leaf he is a fire type but you could use a cheat to teach him that I did that and know my monferno learned fly I hope this helps

What are all the moves that Venusaur can learn in Pokemon Yellow version?

Level 1 - Tackle Level 1 - Growl Level 7 - Leech Seed Level 13 - Vine Whip Level 22 - Poison Powder Level 30 - Razor Leaf Level 43 - Growth Level 55 - Sleep Powder Level 65 - Solar Beam

Does Shiftry learn razor leaf?

yes he does

What level does a Venusaur learn leaf storm in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first thing : it doesn't second thing : leaf storm isn't a move in Pokemon diamond my torterra knows leaf storm and frenzy plant now when you migrate Pokemon From Pokemon leaf green then go to That sand storm place an try to find a old man in a house says have you bonded enough with tour Pokemon if you have i think you will learn frennzy or leaf storm hope this helped

What level should you put in your Pokemon in by the last gym in fire red?

Well, for the earth badge in viridian city, you need pokemon about level 60. A Blastoise with Surf or a Venusaur with Solarbeam works best. If you have a Charizard, train in till level 70 with metal claw and fly and remember to pack a lot of hyper potions. Venusaur works best, trust me. Teach Venusaur Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, Leech Seed and Razor Leaf. First make the foe fall asleep using sleep powder and use solarbeam and if it does not faint use razor leaf after you use solarbeam, depending on the foe's hp.

Can you evolve Bulbasaur with a leaf stone?

no you need to level it up to get an ivysaur/venusaur