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yeah it was in one of the last chapters of new moon. however she accepts in the last chapters of Eclipse.

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Q: What chapter and book does Edward ask Bella to marry him?
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In which book does Bella finally agree to marry Edward?

She agrees to marry edward in the twilight book Eclipse on page 460

How is Edward's proposal to Bella written?

its in the 3rd book, eclipse under the chapter compromise "Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to love you forever. Every day of forever. Will you marry me?" <--- Edward said this to Bella.

What is the outcome of the book new moon?

Bella saves edward from killing himself and edward asks Bella to marry him

When did Edward and Bella marry?

EDWARD and BELLA get married in breaking dawn the last book on august 13, 2008!!!!!!!!!

In Eclipse where were Bella and Edward when Bella agrees to marry him?

in the book they were in Edward's room when she made the agreement. in the movie they were in ''their'' meadow.

What is the last words that edward says to Bella in the book new moon?

Marry Me Bella

What chapter does Bella change to a vampire in Breaking Dawn?

Well, Edward puts his venom in Bella in the last chapter of Jacob's persspective, but that chapter repeats in the first chapter of the third book - Bella. She IS a vampire in the second chapter in book 3 - Bella.

In What Chapter does Bella find out that Edward watches her sleep?

In the book, Edward tells her in chapter 14, Mind Over Matter.

Does Bella marry edward in twilight?

yes Bella and edward gets married in breaking dawn

How do you find a website that gives chapter by chapter book summaries for the book twilight?

hey ya'll wats up?? newtest3 What happens in the book is that edward and Bella finally meet and Edward saves Bella's life and she finally figures out that edward is a vampire. Which puts Bella in danger. But Edward wins at the end and gets the girl

Does Bella marry edward in breaking dawn?

Yes, they get married in the forth book.

What happens at the end of the book new moon?

Edward asks bella to marry him

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