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Electric and Grass type attacks are effective against Water types. Water type attacks are bad against Grass, Dragon and other Water types. Note that almost all Water Types can learn an Ice type move, so be careful when sending in Grass types to counter them.

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electric and grass are all I can think of

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Q: What Pokemon types are good against water?
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What Pokemon is good against Water type?

Grass and Electric types

Are water Pokemon good against dragon type Pokemon?

Depends. Water is not very effective against Dragon types. However it is possible for most water Pokemon to learn ice type moves and these will be super effective. Good luck!

What Pokemon are good against steel?

Good against steel Pokemon are fire and water Pokemon.

What Pokemon are good againsed othere Pokemon?

This question is rather unthoughtful, as it does not mention a specific Pokemon for others to be "good" against. A rle of thumb, though, is that types which is super effective against other types are "good" against those.

What Pokemon are good against quagsire?

grass types

What Pokemon is good against Espeon?

fighting types

What type of Pokemon is strong against a water type?

Electric and Grass type are super effective against water, flying is also quite good, please come to me if you have any more questions about Pokemon types.

What is good against ground Pokemon?

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.

What Pokemon are best against Wallace?

Electric Pokemon, and Grass Pokemon are good against water

What is weak against ice?

Fire types are the best against ice type pokemon, fighting types are another good chose.

Is grass good against psychic Pokemon?

No, grass is neutral to psychic types. It is only super-effective to water, rock, and ground types.

What Pokemon type beats ground?

The types that are good against the ground type are water, grass, and ice types. Water and Ice types are usually profoundly effective, as the ground type is often paired with the rock type.