What Pokemon type beats ground?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The types that are good against the ground type are water, grass, and ice types. Water and Ice types are usually profoundly effective, as the ground type is often paired with the rock type.

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Water, grass and ice types are super effective against ground types

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Q: What Pokemon type beats ground?
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In Pokemon emerald what beats Thuder type Pokemon?


What type of Pokemon beats poison type Pokemon?

Bug, Ground, Psychic, and steel

What type of Pokemon beats a steel type Pokemon?

Steel type Pokemon are weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground type attacks

What type of pokemon beats steel?

Fire/fighting type pokemon are good . such as pokemon in the charmander family

What type of Pokemon beats electric?

Only ground-type moves can super-effectively attack an electric pokemon.

What beats steel type Pokemon?

fire fighting and ground beat steal!

What beats iron type in Pokemon X?

The Steel type is weak against Fire and Ground type moves.

What type Pokemon beats electric?

Ground Pokemon can defeat electric Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon beats poisonis Pokemon FireRed?

Ground types and psychic types beat poison types.

What type of Pokemon beats a electricity type Pokemon?

The only type that is Super Effective against pure Electric-types are Ground-types, like Marowak.

How do you complete the battle tower for diamond?

First see what Pokemon they have then remember the Pokemon and the type they are. Get the types that's good against the Pokemon they have and train them to level 100. Water beats Fire Water beats Rock Fire beats Grass Fire beats Ice Fire beats some Bug Grass beats Water Grass beats Rock Ground beats Fire Ground beats some Bug Psychic beats ghost ... ... ...

What Pokemon beats what Pokemon?

In Pokemon certain types can beat others and here are my examples: Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, Dark beats Ghost, Water beats Electric, Water beats Ground, Water beats Rock, Grass beats Rock, Grass beats Ground, Fighting beats Grass, Flying beats Grass, Physic can beat Grass, Ground beats Fire, Fire beats Steel, Fighting beats Dark, Bug beats Dark