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Volt Tackle is only learned by Pichu (not counting 5th generation).

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Q: What Pokemon can learn volt tackle?
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Does electivire learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold?

Electivire cannot learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold. Only pichu, pikachu, and raichu can learn volt tackle.

Can manectric learn volt tackle?

No, it is not able to learn Volt Tackle, despite being an Electric-type Pokemon.

What Pokemon can learn volt tackle on emerald?

Only pikachu, pichu and raichu can learn volt tackle or other Pokemon by Nintendo events

Can Pickachu learn volt tackle on Pokemon Yellow version?

No, Pikachu cannot learn Volt Tackle in Pokémon Yellow.

What level does Jolteon learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Jolteon never learns Volt Tackle.

What level does magnezone learn volt tackle?

Volt Tackle is an egg move that only a pichu can learn... srry. ^_^If you want a Pokemon with volt tackle breed a female pikachu with a light orb with any compatible Pokemon the pichu should know volt tackle .

Can Pikachu learn volt tackle in Pokemon Yellow?

you will have to give the TM volt tackle then it can learn it and to get pikachu to evolve use a thunderstone

How do you learn volt tackle on pokemon emerald?

i dont think he can learn it

How can you learn a Pokemon Volt Tackle on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

If I remember correctly, you must max-out Pikachu's IQ before it can learn Volt Tackle.

When does Pikachu to learn volt tackle in pokemon tower defense?

Well Pikachu Doesnt Learn Volt Tackle In Pokemon Tower Defense but other's do but he may cause the maker of the game may add volt tackle to pikachu and other pokemon may learn it glad for the help!

In Pokemon plantnum how do youget Pikachu to learn volt tackle?

you cannot teach him volt tackle. I had a pikachu lv.100 and it never learned Volt tackle.

When does pikachu learn volt tackle in Pokemon Ruby?


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