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Well if you breed a female pikachu or riachu that is holding a light ball with a male riachu or pikachu. The baby will have volt tackle.

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Q: What is the code to get a Pikachu that knows volt tackle on Pokemon platinum?
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How can you get a Pikachu that knows the move Volt Tackle in Pokemon Platinum?

If you breed a Female Pikachu holding a Light Ball with a Male from the Fairy Egg group,(Example, Cherrim, Clefairy) you will receive a Pichu that knows the move Volt Tackle. Then evolve it. Now you have a Pikachu that knows Volt Tackle!

Is Pikachu the only Pokemon that knows volt tackle?


How do you get a Pikachu that knows volt tackle on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

first breed a pikachu with light ball in Pokemon emerald then trade it to Pokemon leaf green

How do you get Pikachu to learn volt tackle on Pokemon Platinum?

First you need a light ball then give it to your female Pikachu afterthat you need a Pokemon in the fairy egg group like Pichu or another pikachu then breed them by going to the day care centre after they have layed their egg get it from the old man outside the day care centere and hatch it if your pichu knows volt tackle then evolve it.

How do you get Pikachu to learn volt tackle on Pokemon fire red?

You can't without trading one over from Emerald that knows it.

How do you make Pikachu learn volt tackle?

You cannot make pikachu learn volt tackle, you have to breed pikachu's whilst they hold the light ball to then get an egg that will hatch into a pichu that knows volt tackle.

How do you migrate a Pikachu knowing surf.?

Well you can't migrate it but you can transfer. If you have Pokemon Battle Revolution or PBR for wii you can get pikachu that knows volt tackle and surf. After you beat the game on PBR you will have a mystery gift. go to shop and to mystery gift. on the top there will be mystery gift. it is free. click send to Pokemon game and you will have a pikachu that knows surf and volt tackle

How many steps to take to get a Pikachu that knows volt tackle?

you have to have a orb that is yellow give to Pikachu and the last step is to level up you Pikachu a couple of times walla! Pikachu learns volt tackle.

What level does Pikachu learn bolt tackle?

It's volt tackle and it can't by level up. You get a free pikachu that knows it after you complete the battle revolution

Can Darkrai learn volt tackle?

No. Volt Tackle is a move that only Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu have, and the only way for said Pokemon to gain this move is to breed a Pichu under specific conditions. However, a special Pikachu can be obtained from Pokemon Battle Revolutions that knows the moves Surf and Volt Tackle. It is also equipped with a Lightball.

How does Raichu learn volt tackle?

Well, first you have to get two Pokemon that are in the ground or fairy egg group in a daycare. Most likely a Pichu that knows volt tackle will pop out. Evolve the Pichu with happiness to get Pikachu and evolve Pikachu with a thunderstone to get raichu. Raichu will know Volt Tackle.

What lv will riachu learn thunder thunderbolt and volt tackle?

Thunder - Use TM25 or evolve a Pikachu that knows it. Thunderbolt -Lv1.Volt Tackle - Evolve a Pichu that knows it into a Pikachu then a Raichu.Pichu learns Volt Tackle if you breed a Pikachu♀ holding a Light Ball. The Egg will hatch into a Pichu which will know Volt Tackle. Pikachu learns Thunder at Lv45.

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