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Tell her the only girl that you'll ever want is her and ignore all the other flirty girls.

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Q: Your girl thinks every girl wants you?
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Every girl thinks you are a nerd and no girl wants to talk to you what do you do?

Just wait it out there's some one out there for you. :)

Why a girl look at a boy every day?

Maybe because she likes "him" and maybe she thinks he has a pimple on his face. Mostly because she likes/loves him/u and wants a relasonshop.

How can you get to be the guy every girl wants to be with?

You can't. Not every female wants the same things in a guy.

What is the meaning of the song work out by j cole?

J Cole wants a one night stand and he thinks the girl wants a relationship.

What does it mean when a boy asks are you spitting?

He thinks that you are a boy or if you are as cute as me then he wants to ask you out or thinks you are ansome and a tomboy so if you are girl don't spit and problay thinks you are throwing up

Why does a woman wants a boy close friend rather than a girl?

She thinks guy can keep secrets.

How do you be the guy every girl wants?

Well, every girl is different. You need to get to know her better and find out yourself.

Is there any one who thinks they could beat you in an arm wrestle match?

every girl who I have dated thinks she can beat me. are you female?

What does a guy want n a girl?

All guys want different things, but I think every guy wants a girl who makes them feel special and wanted. I could say that every girl wants that as well.

In twilight what happens to edward when he steps into sun?

He sparkles like diamonds! It's 'The skin of the killer' but Bella thinks he looks sexy cuz apparently sparkling is what every girl wants their boyfriend to do nowadays. Edward thinks he's a monster but Bella thinks he looks super delicious when he looks like a twinkling diamond!

Why did guy want to kiss girl?

He thinks your the right girl(most of the time)or hes just really wants to get all up on you and kiss some random girl...

Have you dated an unattractive girl?

Every girl I've dated has been attractive to me. Who cares what anyone else thinks?