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He sparkles like diamonds! It's 'The skin of the killer' but Bella thinks he looks sexy cuz apparently sparkling is what every girl wants their boyfriend to do nowadays. Edward thinks he's a monster but Bella thinks he looks super delicious when he looks like a twinkling diamond!

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Q: In twilight what happens to edward when he steps into sun?
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What happens to Edward when he is in the sun?

Edward sparkles when he is in the sunlight you'll see it in the movie twilight!

What is rising sun the twilight book about?

Its Midnight Sun and its Edward's version of what happened in Twilight.

What is Edward's twilight book called?

Midnight Sun is the name of Edward Cullen's version of Twilight.

Is Midnight Sun Edward's story of Twilight?

Yes, "Midnight Sun" is a retelling of the first book in the "Twilight" series from Edward Cullen's perspective. It provides insight into his character and feelings throughout the events of "Twilight."

What is the unpublishedcompanion piece to twilight?

Midnight Sun, it is written in Edward's perspective of Twilight.

Is there a 5 twilight?

Stephenie Meyer is currently working on an Edward POV twilight, midnight sun.

What will happen with mid night sun?

midnight sun is basically twilight, only in edward's perspective.

Who wrote midnight sun?

"Midnight Sun" was written by Stephenie Meyer, the same author who wrote the popular "Twilight" series. It tells the story of "Twilight" from the perspective of Edward Cullen.

Is there a fifth book of the twilight seires?

No, their is not, but Stephanie Meyer is working in "The Midnight Sun" which is twilight, in Edward Cullen's point of view. Yes. There is going to be a fifth book and it's title is "Midnight Sun". The book is Twilight from Edward's propspective. There is no release dates yet.

Who does Angela Weber like in Twilight?

She likes Ben Cheney. It isn't obvious in Twilight but it is obvious in Midnight Sun (which is Twilight in Edward's POV).

Is midnight sun before breaking dawn?

Midnight sun, is a rewrite of Twilight, but in Edward's point of view.

Will there be any more to the twilight that is in nessies point of view?

Besides "Midnight Sun" which is in Edward Cullen's point of view, there will not be a book after Breaking Dawn in Renesmee's point of View. "Morning Sun" is Edward's point of view during Twilight the first book. Stephenie Meyer has decided that after "Midnight Sun" there will not be anymore books that she makes about "Twilight".POV:Twilight: BellaNew Moon: BellaEclipse: BellaBreaking Dawn: Bella and JacobMidnight Sun: Edward