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Its Midnight Sun and its Edward's version of what happened in Twilight.

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Q: What is rising sun the twilight book about?
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Is there going to be a twilight book called rising sun?

i think so i heard of rising sun and it says its about renesmee and jacob or edwards version of twilight

Is Stephenie Meyers going to write another book after breaking dawn?

she already wrote Midnight sun n now working on rising sun of twilight saga

What is the rising action in the book twilight?

the rising action is when bella and james are fighting BELIEVE ME MY WRITING TEACHER TOLD ME

What is the rising action for the book twilight?

It is when James tracts and trieds to kill Bella

What was the name of the unfinished book of The Twilight Saga?

Midnight sun - Twilight from Edwards perspective

Is the 6 book of twilight book called midnight sun?

Technically not as it is a Edward Perspective rewrite of Twilight. In terms of release, it will be the sixth book released into the Twilight Saga.

What is Edward's twilight book called?

Midnight Sun is the name of Edward Cullen's version of Twilight.

Is there a fifth book of the twilight seires?

No, their is not, but Stephanie Meyer is working in "The Midnight Sun" which is twilight, in Edward Cullen's point of view. Yes. There is going to be a fifth book and it's title is "Midnight Sun". The book is Twilight from Edward's propspective. There is no release dates yet.

After midnight sun is waning moon the next twilight book?

Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edward's point of view. The actual Twilight Saga is Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Midnight Sun has not yet been released, and it may never be. So no, Waning Moon is not a book, so it's not the next book after Midnight Sun. Waning Moon is NOT a book it is a fan fic

Will there be a new twilight book?

there might be midnight sun i think

Where can you buy midnight sun Twilight saga book?


What is the mening of Twilight?

The meaning of Twilight is The setting of the sun. The end of the day. this is when the sky seems to go an orange colour as the sun is at the end of descending. If your referring to the book / film, it explains at the end of the book, how 'Twilight' is the safest time for the vampires.