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If it is a simple "pee" test ten or twelve days will pass, unless you have had dramatic weight loss in this time. If it is a blood sample it will take at least 30 days to clear and sometime more. Of coarse a hair sample is there until the hair is trimmed coinciding with the you last smoked.

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Q: You smoked marijuana 36 days ago will it still be in your stystem and it was the first time i had smoked marijuana in 5 years?
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Will marijuana show up on my urine if I smoked once a month ago?

No but it will still show up in your hair.

If you smoked marijuana 4 months ago is it still in your system?

im not sure about if its still in your system, but if you hair is more than 5cm long, chemical tests can tell if you smoked marijuana up to 2 months before. the longer your hair the longer the time frame. the same goes for nails

Where is marijuana found today?

Everywhere in the US, even more common in Canada. Something around 50% of adults have smoked marijuana before in the US and there are many who still do.

If you smoked marijuana two month ago is it out of your system?

it will still show on some tests, depends on how much money they spend on the testing...

You have not smoked marijuana since march and its may now why is it still in your system?

it stays in your hair folicals for over 2 years idk why really but that's why its still in your system

If you smoked medical marijuana in California can you still fail a drug test in Florida?

Yes, you can. Medical marijuana is marijuana-- no difference. It's just that you are taking it as a prescription medication. And the cannabinoids stay in the system for a long time, much longer than it takes to fly from California to Florida.

Does marijuana hurt your body in any way?

There is some damage to the lungs caused by marijuana smoke inhalation. (However, note that marijuana does not necessarily have to be smoked, it can also be brewed as tea.) Interestingly, marijuana smoke has not been found to be carcinogenic, unlike cigarette smoke. However, marijuana smoke is still an irritant to the lungs and can contribute to the eventual development of emphysema.

If marijuana gets wet can you still smoke it?

Let it dry first.

How much did Bob Marley smoke?

a lot. but not enough to kill him because hes still alive.

Smoked marijuana for the second time of my life. was fine the first time felt nothing 2nd time from vaporizer and chest specifically nipples im male felt extremely sensitve still months later.y?

Is it possible that your just going through puberty???

Does anesthesia interract with marujuana I am scheduled to go in for major surgery on my ankle want to no if I smoked 2 days before surgery can the doctor still give me anesthesia?

You can still have anesthesia, but it is very important to tell the Anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist that you do smoke marijuana and when the last time you smoked was. It does play a role in the medications and dosages they will give.

Will marijuana still show in your hair folicle if the last time you took a hit was in mid June, which would be approximately three months ago.?

If you smoked marijuana about three months ago, it is very unlikely that anything would show up in your hair follicles.