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either he is a prick or your not very special

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2008-04-08 02:24:28
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Q: Why does your boyfriend put his friends before you?
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What if my Boyfriend doesn't want to go out with me and my friends?

A boyfriend and girlfriend should adapt to each others friends. However, if the boyfriend doesn't want to join you and your friends, then go alone. If he does not want you to go with your friends, then maybe he is not the right fit for you. You should never put your friends aside.

How do you introduce your boyfriend to your friends?

You say "Hay guys this is my boyfriend ______." If you don't think they'll react well. Tell them you have a boyfriend before you introduce him.

Is it good to have a church boyfriend?

No because they will put their church before you.

Do Paris Jackson have a boyfriend and did she have friends?

Yes she has friends and the boyfriend stuff is none of our business

What do you do if you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.

Is there possibility when your ex boyfriend will be together again eventough he says that you will be friends?

you can avoid that if you put your hand near his inseam

In Friends What do the girls do on one of the Valentine's days when all 3 are single?

Phoebe comes up with the idea of a boyfriend bonfire which she had been told about by one of her other friends. She said the items they would need (what to put in it before they put in the boyfriend things) and once that was ready, they put in the items. Rachel puts in Barry's old colone and she manages to set it on fire. Then the fire brigade have to come out. They chat up the girls and they all get dates (only the firemen are married!).

How do you deal with your boyfriend being friends with his ex?

Depends if you want your boyfriend to be happy; my boyfriend is fine with me being friends with my ex. As we have the same friends and we trust each other.

What to do if your boyfriend has friends and you dont?

Make friends with your boyfriends friends

Tell ex-boyfriend you have a new boyfriend?

To tell your ex boyfriend you have to say were just friends and that i know i have moved on but we can still be friends but we moved on and i have a boyfriend now

How do you get your friends boyfriend 2 like you but you are 2 years younger than him?

Your friends boyfriend? You dont!

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

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