Tell ex-boyfriend you have a new boyfriend?

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To tell your ex boyfriend you have to say were just friends and that i know i have moved on but we can still be friends but we moved on and i have a boyfriend now

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Q: Tell ex-boyfriend you have a new boyfriend?
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What would you tell your boyfriend?

Tell him you love him (if you do) tell him you respect him (if you do) and tell him you are proud to be is girl (if you are). If you don't, or aren't, get a new boyfriend

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend texts you?

An exboyfriend texting you could mean almost anything. It could mean that he just wants to talk, that he wants to get back together with you, that he has something specific that he needs to tell you, etc.

Meanings of ex?

ex means not anymore, so exboyfriend, boyfriend not anymore... exgirlfriend, girlfriend not anymore.

What do you do if you still are in-love with you ex-boyfriend but he has a new girlfriend but says he still likes you?

First ask your exboyfriend to tell you if he actually likes his current girlfriend If he says yes, tell him to keep dating her ( never know he might change his mind about her If he says no, then ask himwhy he's dating her and that he shouldn't pretend that he likes her Good luck

How do you tell your exboyfriend about how feel about the way he treated me?

Just tell im, I have learned to just say whats on my mind.

What do you say to your old boyfriend if he wants to keep dating you even though you are already in a relationship with someone else?

I'v been here before. If you love your boyfriend tell him but if you relize you love your exboyfriend then date him. also if you have thought about breaking up with your boyfriend then date your ex. if you love them the same stay with your boyfriend. if you thought your ex is a better boyfriend date him if you think your boyfriend now is better stay with him. in little words, who do you love?

Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with another friend?

Unless the ex boyfriend was part of the problem then no, you should not involve your ex boyfriend while resolving your problems with your friend.

How do you tell your boyfriend you kissed someone else?

Tell him you got a new phone and to call 6511907

How can you tell if your exboyfriend wants you back when you hang out?

Instead of looking for signs how about you be the bigger person and actually ask.

What should a girl do when she love truly her exboyfriend but he has a new girlfriend?

Get him drunk and suck him off!

Why would and ex-girlfriend tell an ex-boyfriend that she called her new boyfriend by his name during passion?

She probably did it to make the ex- boyfriend jealous.

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