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He wants to look good in front of his friends. he has an image to uphold.

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2008-12-07 01:07:34
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Q: Why does your boyfriend act different when with his friends?
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Why does my boyfriend's friends dislike?

maybe theyre trying to act cool

Is it bad to lend your jacket to your friends boyfriend?

it depends on how you act in lending it. ,

What do you do when your boyfriend just wants to friends?

when he's all awkward when you act all mushy

How do you be friends with your boyfriend?

I Know It Sounds Weird But You Gotta Play Wit Em Like You Do Your Friends. But Not To Much. Dont Treat Him Like Your Friend. Im Best Friends With My Boyfriend N I Jus Act Myself Around Him N He Sees How You Are Then Hell Act Himself Too.

Why dies your boyfriend act different when wit your friend?

it depends on how hes acting, how different ?

When do you no your ready for a boyfriend?

It's always hard to tell. Hormones are raging and people get lonely. Think for a second. How often do you catch yourself thinking about him? How does he act around you? How do you act around your boyfriend? How does he act when his your friends are around? That's really important. You want him to feel secure with you around when his friends are hanging out too.

What is a perfect boyfriend like?

the perfect boy friend is when he act polite and doesn't ignore you when he's with his friends

What do you do if you like your best friends boyfriend?

Wait until he is free then go for him but it not a good idea to act upon this crush if you want to keep your freind it is after all her boyfriend

How do you get your boyfriend to act like a boy friend?

Well, you can't really make your boyfriend act like the actual definiton of 'boyfriend'. He is an individual, and will be different than every one else. You cannot force him to change, so you can always try to just talk with him. After all, your boyfriend is your boyfriend. Talking with him usually works.

Why does my husband act different when my female friends come over?

Because he is attracted to them

How do you act in frot of your girlfriend?

in frount of a gurl just act Normal and be yourself. I am a girl and i like my boyfriend for himself and i wouldnt want him to change or act in a different way.

Do Paris Jackson have a boyfriend and did she have friends?

Yes she has friends and the boyfriend stuff is none of our business

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