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I experience the same thing. Unfortunately, I have not found a direct cause. Low blood pressure can cause lightheaded and dizziness, but if the water is too hot and you turn it on cold for a few minutes, it will not help. I found laying down as soon as I feel dizzy helps, and also tucking your head between your knees is good at making the dizziness go away.

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I feel light headed after a shower too, sometimes.

I've read it's because of to hot of a shower and to cool down the water or put a fan on, but I always have my fan on... I usually try get out of the shower ASAP if I tend to feel light headed and sit down for a minute or two, and then I feel fine.

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Q: Why does someone feel light headed in the shower?
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What hapends when you shower after watching tv for a long period of time?

You start feeling light headed and feel as though you need sleep but you will be just fine.

Can spicy food make you feel dizzy and light headed?


Can you feel light headed and nausea from gas fumes?

Gas fumes can definitely make you feel light headed and nauseated. You need to seek medical attention if the feeling does not go away.

How does it fell to be bitten by a vampire?

you dont feel it you just get light headed trust me i know :[

Can laughing make you sick?

Yes, Because you will get light headed and feel dizzy then you will faint.

I feel light headed and heart palpations and sweat along what could be wrong?

There could be many reasons why you are light headed, sweating, and having palpitations. A doctor is the only person who can diagnose you.

Why are you light headed?

You could be lossing alot of blood or have seen something you dont want to say and if you get to light headed you could pass out

What do you do if you feel light headed after wisdom tooth extraction?

When a wisdom tooth is extracted, the anesthesia may take time to wear out. This is why someone may feel drowsy hours after the extraction. It is a good idea to just take a short nap.

Why does it feel like your brain is jumping?

It usually means you're light-headed. It could and might mean you have a fever. But it rarely does. When you feel light-headed, as you said, your brain feels like it jumps around. I cannot explain scientifically, but if you lay down and sleep, it should go away. You usually feel light-headed when you play on the computer too much, or are going into a sickness or coming out of one. Hope this is helpful. <3

Why do you fell light headed after a colonic?

The main reason why you feel light-headed after a colonic is as a result of the eliminated toxins. The liver continues with the detox process and taking lots of water will help the situation.

Is it normal to feel sick or light headed right after a lip piercing for the 1st few minutes?

Yes, it is possible you could feel light headed. I gauged my ears once and I didn't only become light headed, I had a serious migraine. This isn't because of pain, it is just a small form of shock. Your body is like "Woah! Something just went through me" so headaches, dizziness, light headed, vommiting, etc. CAN occurr. It just depends on your body.

What would cause fainting with vomiting?

It depends if they really dont feel good or they feel light headed or something like that