Why do women lose sex drive?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Because they are so busy breastfeeding their babies every hour or so that they have no time for anything else. Also they are exhausted from changing poopy diapers, rocking baby to sleep, washing baby clothes, making babies bed, registering birth certificates, herding admirers on a tour of baby's world and taking care of their husband who is right now as we speak, sitting and watching the Super Bowl asking wifie for some more chips and beer and getting horney watching all the girlie ads.

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After giving birth, usually they lose it because they are tired from motherhood, and so on.

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Q: Why do women lose sex drive?
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How does anorexia affect sex?

An undernourished body stops producing sex hormones, so you lose your sex drive.

Why are there so many beautiful women in the world when I already have a girlfriend?

Maybe you have a high sex drive. Look up sex drive, it will tell you a bit about it.

Can cervical cancer decrease a women's sex drive?

Yes. She is having a problem.

What are sex enhancing drugs?

There are female stimulating gels that enhance sex. But there are also libido enhancers for men and women to increase sex drive.

Do men have a bigger sex drive than women or is it vice-versa?

A person's sex drive depends on many factors. Some of them include age, lifestyle, etc. This can be either or.

Men and women have a differing sex drive how can straight relationships work better than gay ones?

I have a higher sex drive then a lot of the men I know and I’m a women.It’s more of an individual thing, I think the only reason why women seem like they have a lower libido is they get aroused by different things.It’s more mental then physical for a lot of women

Why do anorexic people stop having periods?

It's because they're undernourished. They also lose their sex drive.

At what age does a woman's sex drive increase?

A woman's sex drive is at its peak during her earliest years, from her teens to her mid-thirties, but there are plenty of women well into their sixties who are still sexually active.

What womem can do if they have no sex drive?

Smoking, alcoholism, stress, depression and anxiety are among the cause of low sex drive among women. So to help you increase your sex drive you must change your lifestyle. But if this problem really bothered you better consult a doctor to help you assess your problem.

Is sex really good?

Sex between humans is normally highly pleasurable for both men and women; and this explains society's fascination and obsession with sex.Young women may find their first experiences of vaginal a little painful; and all women may occasionally need some additional lubricant. Post menopausal-women may lose their interest in sex. But generally, women enjoy sex and look forward to it; and men are normally sex-driven from puberty until death.

Can too much alcohol cause you too lose your sex drive?

Yes, alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system, and it can impair many types of functioning, including sex.

Why girls want sex every time?

Well they don't but all men and women are different and the sex drive as well. It's a myth that all men want sex more often the women and couples can be very different which can cause problems in the relationship.