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Well they don't but all men and women are different and the sex drive as well. It's a myth that all men want sex more often the women and couples can be very different which can cause problems in the relationship.

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Q: Why girls want sex every time?
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How often do most men want sex?

Men have sex every day with a hot sexy curvy girls

Do guys like girls butts?

Yes. Even more than guys like to see girls' butts. They have a very hard time keeping control of themselves and really want to have sex with guys.

How do you get a woman to want sex?

I vacuum the house; it works every time.

GIRLS I am 17 almost 18 and I am wondering if any of you girls the same age are addicted to sex I think I might be What are your thoughts and what do you do about it?

I am not a girl, but I had a girlfriend who was addicted to sex. Just try to make sure you are having safe sex by using protection. Most importantly, choose your partners wisely. Also make sure you do not expect your partner to want to have sex every time you do.

What do bad boys look for in girls?

well i would say a good girl they want the opposite to them sex and every thing else

Why do most girls think all guys are shallow?

Most girls think guy are shallow because most guys want to have sex more than the girl wants to and then they think that all they care about or want from them is sex, which isn't true most of the time.

Why do all girls just think constantly about sex?

not all girls think about sex all the time

When girls usually want sex?

When they tell u

Is it normal that a person can be gay but in the way that you like girls but you don't want to have sex with them?

If you are a lesbian and don't want to have sex with girls that's fine perhaps your not ready for a sexual relationship. That's all it means is that your lesbian but just don't want to have sex.

Why do boys want sex more then girls?

Because their perverts

Do girls like being gangbanged?

Many do, though not all, just like how most men wish to have sex with several women at the same time.

Why do women trample boys?

the girls trample boys because girls want the spirm of a boy or ( cute ) boy i mean look at taylor lautner girls trample over him all the time i mean who wouldnt want to have sex with him too bad he already had sex with taylor swift i mean why did taylor swift so apoligetic to taylor( boy)