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It's because they're undernourished. They also lose their sex drive.

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Q: Why do anorexic people stop having periods?
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Can eating unhealthy prevent your period?

Amennorhea, the medical term for not having your period, can be brought on by unhealthy eating. Many women who are anorexic stop having periods for a while.

Does having a bath during periods stop the periods?

No, having a bath during periods does not stop periods. Menstruation isdetermined by your menstrual cycle, water is amazing but it does not have the magical ability to stop time in order to stop menstruation.

Do girls having their periods have anything to do with anorexia?

Not exactly. Having your epriod doen't make someone become anorexic. Some girls might be bloated a little while on their period, and think that they are fat, but that bloating passes within a few days or a week or so. If someone is anorexic, often they will stop having their period, though, as their bodies try to consere mass and fat and nutrients.

Can you stop having pierids when you have a child?

no u cant stop having periods if u have a child

Does a copper IUD stop periods?

There is nothing in the IUD that will stop you from ovulating and having a menstrual period.

How can you stop having irregular periods?

Irregular periods are very common for women under 20. As you get older it should balance out. People say birth control helps..But i'm not positive.

Could being anorexic have an affect on having kids?

Yes it can if the person with Anorexia doesn't get some counseling. Anorexics starve themselves because they envision themselves as fat. When you starve yourself the brain lacks the protein it needs, other organs start to break down and the body basically begins to feed off itself. Anorexics will also stop having periods and you need periods to have children.

How can i sure that I'm pregnant?

If you stop having your periods is the #1 given

When do you stop having periods?

Menstruation typically stops during menopause, which usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Menopause is when a person's ovaries stop releasing eggs and producing estrogen and progesterone, leading to the end of menstrual cycles.

When you get old do you have periods?

No, women go through menopause at around age 50, when their ovaries stop releasing eggs (ova) and, therefore, they stop having periods.

Does being anorexic mess up your period?

Yes. Most females with anorexia will stop having their periods. This is the body's natural attempt to conserve energy and nutrients (not lose iron and potassium, for example). Prolonged anorexia without treatment can also cause infertility problems in the future.

Is it uncommon for a 51 year old woman to abruptly stop having periods after having regular periods right up until the last one?

not at all