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Q: Why do some people appear to age more slowly than others?
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What is one substance that heats more slowly than others?

The one substance that heats more slowly than others is water. Water can exist in the various forms of matter which are gases, liquids and solids.

How can you tell if an airplane is moving towards you?

You will hear the engines more clearly, and it will appear to be slowly growing larger.

Which planet rotates on its axis?

All of the planets in our solar system rotate on their axes.

What is meant by cultural lag?

some aspects of culture change more slowly than others

Why do some parents prefer their children to play the piano more than the guitar?

Some people tend to think classical music is more "intelligent" or such than others, and they want their children to appear as such.

What is the comparative of slowly?

The comparative form of "slowly" is "more slowly."

Why do some people need more people than others?

Some people need more sleep than others because of their age and what they do.

Are rainbows more likely to appear in certain topographical regions and in certain climates than in others?


Continents are moving across the Earths Surface under continental drift One continent is moving significantly more slowly than the others Which one is it?

The continent that is moving significantly more slowly than the others is Antarctica. It has been described as the slowest moving continent due to its unique position and the way it is situated on the Earth's surface.

Which vehicle is used in watercolor painting?

Liquid that holds pigments together without dissolving them. Can make paint dry more slowly or appear more translucent. Sometimes acts as a binder.

What is the comprative slowly?

"Comparative slowly" does not make sense in English. Could you please provide more context or rephrase your question?

What are the comparative and superlative of slowly?

more slowly, most slowly