What is meant by cultural lag?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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some aspects of culture change more slowly than others

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Q: What is meant by cultural lag?
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What are example of cultural lag in bangladesh?

I can't recall whether any cultural lag even exist in Bangladesh. FYI even beggars in Bangladesh use cellular phones.

What is most likely to lag behind when there is cultural change?


What term was coined by sociologist William Ogburn?

Cultural Lag

Who was the sociologist responsible for coining the term cultural lag?

William Ogburn

What are some examples of cultural lag in America?

Terry Shivo Cryogenics

William F Ogburn used what term to refer to the period?

cultural lag

What is meant by IDMTL type relay?

Inverse definite minimum time lag relay

What is meant by imp and exp Lag Kvarh?

This nothing but forward and reverse recording... nothing but bidirectional meters

What is culture lag?

Cultural lag is a term used to describe the idea that a society is having issues in catching up with the current flow of the technological and scientific discoveries. This leads to ethics and moral arguments that tackle whether these advancements should be accepted.

What are some examples of cultural lag in Bangladesh?

Cultural lag is used to describe a situation in which the technological advancements occur faster than the change in the rules and norms of the culture. Example: Not only the younger people but also some older people are using social media (most commonly facebook) as a media of communicating with their friends and relatives recently. Still some people thinks that social media users are lonely, distracted from others since those people couldn’t accept this technology yet.

What is meant by cultural destination?

A destination based on a particular lifestyle or if said place has a rich history or tradition.

What is meant by environment?

An environment is the cultural conditions surrounding an individual. The nature of an area makes up the environment.