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it makes your player lag so it makes it harder to aim, shoot, run, throw a grenade straight; basicly it makes everything harder by lagging. Trust me, I've gotten lag switch'd once.

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Q: What is a lag switch on cod black ops zombies?
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Can you use a lag switch on nazi zombies?

Yes you can, but only in the places where Treyarch hasn't patched anything. Hope this helps, but if you wan't the maximum effect i suggest using your own lag switch and not the one in the game. It's very easy and fun to make your own lag switch just go on youtube and look it up.....    How to make a Lag Switch. Have fun and please don't use your lagswitch to cheat with players, just use it for the glitches, that's what i only use mine for. 

In how many minutes one can build a lag switch from a regular switch?

It would take one roughly five minutes to build a lag switch from a regular switch. A Lag switch for a XBOX 360 is used to disrupt the internet stream and make the player invisible to other players on XBOX Live.

How does a lag switch work in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

First you must have a working lag switch, that mean if your on a rooter, the lag switch must be between the modem and the rooter, not the ps3 and rooter. If your on modem, your put it between your modem and ps3.

Do you have to be host in order to lag switch?


Will a lag switch mess up your xbox-360?

No it wont because the lag switch is like a hack it wont harm your xbox also they are undetectable

How do you get a good lag switch in black ops?

i would press start nd press triangle only if ur host of a game lobby

What is bars in cod?

Your connection speed. More bars equals faster connection and less lag.

I have cod black ops an mw2. I been playing online for a year without lag until about a month ago. Now it lags heaps with or without anyone else using the internet. How do you stop cod lagging on ps3?

just get a new disk. it must be scratched or worn out.

How do you connect a lag switch to your ps3?

i will destroy you if you do you cheater

How do you use Call of Duty Black Ops lag switch?

Well,In zombies and in multiplayer there is a way but now patched.Though before u just had to pause the game click freinds and toggle up and down fast then unpause u'll have to be real fast soo u wont die.On zombies the barrier by the 3rd meatorite by the alley to get in the barrier thats in the wall u have to jump on the barrier make sure two of them are built up then lap switch same way as in multiplayer.Unfortuanatly its patched :( so u suck treyarch

Why do you keep timing out on Modern Warfare 2?

In MW2, games usually time out to low internet connection (signs of this is lag). Many of the times, a lag switch is used (causing all users but the owner of the switch to have lag), which will then time out the game.

How do you get rid of lag on Roblox on phone?

Switch to a tablet or xbox/computer.