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You don't. If you somehow manage to use it, 357 rape ninjas will be at your home at the time you flip that switch

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Q: How do you use lag switch in Call of Duty?
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When playing call of duty world at war online does it use up downloads?

On the PS3, yes. Box 360, I'm not sure. On the PS3 it pauses the downloads, therefore decreasing lag, if it didn't the lag would be unbearable.

Can a lag switch get you banned?

Yes, it can get you banned. So use it wisely.

Can you use a lag switch on nazi zombies?

Yes you can, but only in the places where Treyarch hasn't patched anything. Hope this helps, but if you wan't the maximum effect i suggest using your own lag switch and not the one in the game. It's very easy and fun to make your own lag switch just go on youtube and look it up.....    How to make a Lag Switch. Have fun and please don't use your lagswitch to cheat with players, just use it for the glitches, that's what i only use mine for. 

How do you use Call of Duty elite?

you need to buy call of duty mw3 and you need to register for call of duty elite

What is the difference between Call of Duty and Call of Duty Reflex?

Call of Duty is Call of Duty for the PC, Mac, Xbox360, Nintendo DS, and PS3. Call of Duty Reflex is the Wii version, in which you use the wii zapper.

Can you use headphones on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Yes you can use headphones in Call of Duty: Black Ops

What disk do you use in call of duty 2 PC?

hmmm mabye the call of duty 2 disk

Can you use a knife in Call of Duty 3?


What guns does Nikolai use in call of duty?

All of them

Can you use a joypad for 'Call Of Duty 5' on PC?


Can you use tanks in Call of Duty Black Ops?


What font does Call of Duty use?

i think its stencil