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Because they are so self centered that to make them feel better they have to make other people feel like crap. Examples: bullies.

so in the long run if someone makes fun of you then just ignore them. By doing that they will think it doesn't bother you which it will. or try and help them dont push them to hard or you might get slapped or you might come home with a great big black eye. your choice.

Sidenote: People are also the most interesting thing and most dynamic thing I can think of here on earth, so of course we would talk about each other, whether in a good or bad way depends on the speaker.

People have always talked about each other, and they always will. It's a way of gathering and exchanging information, and to a large extent , how we form opinions about others. When it degenerates into idle gossip or bullying, that's when it becomes a negative thing. Check yourself If you are saying something about someone else you wouldn't say to their face , reconsider what you are saying. When you are saying things that do not add value to a discussion. Think again .If you are saying something unnecessarily hurtful to someone, stop .There are enough harsh truths that must be spoken sometimes, so don't increase the misery in the world by elevating unpleasantness that benefits no one.

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Q: Why do people talk about other people?
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