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they talk and negociate

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they talk and negociate

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Q: How do people in rome interact with each other?
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Do Patricians of ancient Rome rely on each other?

Politically they relied on each other when they were challenged by the leaders of the poor people.

What overall term is given to people who fought each other and animals as entertainment in ancient Rome?


What overall term is given to the people who fought each other and animals as entertainment in Ancient Rome?


Why was the Coliseum in Rome made?

The coliseum in rome was made for entertainment purposes for the people of rome and its governers and emperor. Except the entertainment was gory , there were gladiators that slaughtered each other or they fought animals and loads of these people and animals died just to entertain the people of rome.

Why were Rome and Carthage fighting with each other?

Rome and Carthage fought each other for the control of the Mediterranean trade. Whoever controlled the trade routs, controlled the wealth.

Did the citizens of ancient Rome help each other?

Yes, they did.

How did rome treat other religions?

Rome was very tolerant of other religions. Rome was a mixture of people from all over the known ancient world.

Who were noncitizens in ancient Rome?

If there you were a noncitizen you won't get the same as much as other people that were from Rome

What did the gladiators of Ancient Rome fight?

The gladiators of ancient Rome fought large exotic animals and each other.

Why did Rome and Carthage battle with each other?

For dominance of the Western Mediterranean.

How did rome conquer Carthage?

bt taking a poo on each other

How did trade with other mediterranean people help the early Romans?

Well other Medditeranean people and Rome was easy to trade because they were all probably on the coast and are all very close to each other tis makes it easier to trade.