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Because the people that talk about other people like them

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people talk inside their heads

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Q: How do you get people to talk to each other when they are not talking to each other?
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How do you get furbys to talk to each other?

You press them against each other, belly to belly. Then when they blink then start talking, they're talking to each other.

What if one friend likes the other and you want to help get them together?

You can make them talk to each other. Two people talking can help them get together.

How do rabbits talk to other rabbits?

They speak to each other using body language rather than sound. They mostly use their ears and faces to make signals to each other. See the related link below, Language of Lagomorphs, for details. It's mainly talking about rabbits talking to people, but the same details apply for how they talk to each other.

How does a telephone benefit life?

how a telephone benefits life is that it helps people communicate to each other and not by just bothering to go to other peoples homes and talking to them. It is just a faster way to talk to each other.

Do roosters talk to the chickens?

they cluck to each other which is like talking so yes...

What do people do on dates?

they talk about each other

Why do people talk other people back?

It's called communication. No talking, no communication.

Why is Snape talking to Bellatrix?

They are both servants of Lord Voldemort. Why wouldn't they talk to each other?

How do people in rome interact with each other?

they talk and negociate

How do you know if a guy likes you yet unknown to one other?

Sometimes people will begin to like each other and not even know it themselves. When this happens, they often tend to want to be with each other, talk to each other, and talk about each other when with other people.

Why do people talk dirty to each other?

Maybe people are aroused by it?

How do you know the person your dating is talking to other people?

you ask him. Its a simple answer. They're aloud to talk to other people. get over it.