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im a guy and heres my answer

it gives us the sensation and the feeling that shes comfortable with the guy and that she likes or loves him.

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Q: Why do guys wants you to lay on there chest?
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How should a guy put his arm around you in bed?

You guys can cuddle you can lay on his chest while he raps his arms around you. Or you can lay on top of him while he holds you.

Why do guys touch your chest while kissing you and why do guys lift you as well and do guys lie while being in love with you?

Guys who touch your chest while kissing you are trying to make it to third base, sex. You should not be making out with a guy who you know wants more than a kiss. And the same if a guy lifts you, he is hoping if he gets in between your legs he get elsewhere. If you are not ready for that then don't let him get that far. And men who are not in a relationship for the person they love then yes they will lie to get out of anything or get you to do anything.

Will chickens lay outside?

A chick may lay outside depending were it wants to lay

Do ALL guys like girls chests?

No, some guys may not be "excited" by a girls chest, for example: gay guys.

Can guys bein girls arms?

YES!!! I love being in my girls arms when we're laying in bed just watching a movie, I usually just lay my head on her chest/ breasts and she just holds me n tells me she never wants to lose me Of course they can! girls like knowing that you feel secure enough around them where they can hold you Just not in public.

What does it mean when a girl puffs out her chest?

she either a) wants you to look at her chest or b) is pretty pissed and wants to look scary. good luck with both.

Why do guys touch girls chest do they like you?

yes, they like you

Why chicken lay eggs?

they lay eggs because they have no where to put them not like guys [humans] they have eggs

What is it called when a girl poops on a guys chest?

Its called a Cleveland Steamer.

If your friend had attractions to guys but wants to be with you is he in love with you and not guys?

Being attracted to guys means nothing relative to whether he loves you. If he loves you and wants to be with you, then it is no different to you being attracted to someone else but being with him.

Can guys lay down in their beds and materbate by humping?


What does it mean when a guys says I'm going to get with her?

It means he wants to be with her... He wants to be in a relationship with her. I guess he wants to ask her out if he said that.