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Guys who touch your chest while kissing you are trying to make it to third base, sex. You should not be making out with a guy who you know wants more than a kiss. And the same if a guy lifts you, he is hoping if he gets in between your legs he get elsewhere. If you are not ready for that then don't let him get that far. And men who are not in a relationship for the person they love then yes they will lie to get out of anything or get you to do anything.

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Q: Why do guys touch your chest while kissing you and why do guys lift you as well and do guys lie while being in love with you?
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Where to touch him while kissing?

It depends, if the relationship has just started, then hug him while kissing him.

Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

They don't have to but they can. Kissing with tongues touching is referred to as French kissing.

When your lover kisses you soft and deep and presses your nipples while hugging how do you feel being a girl?

It feels good at times if you are really in a mood 2 let your lover touch your nipples while kissing being a girl!!!!its nothing bad its just 2 derive pleasure while kissing at that very moment!!

How do you get your girlfriend to let you touch her butt while kissing?

It should happen if your relationship works well

Is kissing while being engaged acceptable to Baptists?

Yes it is.

How to get my boyfriend to touch my bra while kissing?

take off your shirt and let him take off your bra

Why do we touch each tongue when you kiss?

We don't necessarily. When tongues are touched while kissing, it is intended to be a particularly intimate kiss.

Where to touch a girlfriend romantically. after kissing or mayb during a kiss..?

Gently touch her neck while you are kissing her, this is very sexy. Just lightly run your fingers up and down the side of her neck. Or you could gently massage her hands while you kiss her. This is also very sexy. Hold one of her hands in one of your hands and use the other fingers to softly run along the palm of her hand (I love that). Both can be done during or after kissing.

How do you touch a guys penis while kissing?

It's important to communicate and ask for consent before engaging in any intimate touch. If both parties are comfortable and willing, you can gently move your hand towards his genitals while continuing to kiss him. Remember to listen to his responses and adjust your actions accordingly.

Can you get prenent by kissing?

Of course not. Only if you do 'other things' while your kissing..

What are the laws against a kissing couple out in public?

There are no laws in America against displaying affection in public. Being affectionate with a partner is beautiful. However, there are things to consider when kissing in public like, no extreme sexual indulgence should occur while kissing when in public.

When you have braces do you slobber while kissing?

Uhh no? It's just like normal kissing.