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Q: Why do black and hispanic women have big butts?
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What attracts Latinas to Black men?

Big butts and big breast that's all I can say

Do Italian men like black women really?

It depends on the guy... I know alot of Italian men who like black women but mostly because they have big butts and that's what Italian's tend to like. But others like to have girlfriends of their ethnicity so, once again, depends on the guy.

If your girlfriend has a big butt should you slap it?

By all means. But if she doesn't like it, be respectful. I agree i love it when my girlfriend lets me squeeze her bubble butt i love women with big round butts that's the way they shgould be

Why do Mexican women smell bad?

to much tamales and they well sleep with every guy they see A black guy they love becos they think they have big dicks

Why is it that only black men love curvy big booty women?

It's a cultural thing, no matter if the black man comes from a country in Africa, the Caribbean, or in America; curvy big booty women are a sign of beauty to black men. This attraction has been appreciated by black men for hundreds of years in African or African descent cultures(and also a criteria for marriage in certain African countries to have a big booty but be curvy and fit). In many African and Caribbean countries, you see many fit women with thin waist but with curves and big bootys adored in those countries. Black men just love a more womenly shape body, they appreciate that. females that are slender and thin for the most part are a turn off for a lot of black men(not all but the majority of them), and the biggest reason for that is their body physique have a less feminine apeal to them. That's why if you see many African music videos(soukouss music videos; check in youtube), Caribbean music videos, or African American music videos curvy big booty women are glorified more. Although Caribbean, African and African American culture is different; there is a common theme in the women the black men are attracted to(curvy big booty women).So the type of women you'll mostly see with black men are the ones that have the body physique like Beyonce, Lola luv, Melyssa Ford, Kim Kardashain, Esther Baxter, Tahiry, Melyssa ford, Tyra banks, Serena Williams, Vida Guerra, Buffy the body, Jennifer Lopez, and etc

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Is Shakira's butt big?

yes, she's black and black women have big butts "i like big butts and i cannot lie.."

Do women with big butts like who have big butts?

no they do not

Why do majority of white girls have smaller butts compared to black or hispanic girls?

GENETICS there are white girls that have big butts(kim kardashian) but the majority of them don't, it's usually the breast thing they rule in. Besides that having big butts or being curvy is not consitered sexy in the white community(have you noticed the ones that say is my butt to big are white girls, white men considered it a sign of being fat). In the black and hispanic community big butts(and curviness NOT FAT) have been embraced for a long time by them, especially with their men. Although that's the case there are black and hispanic girls out there that don't have big butts but they are the minority, the majority of black and hispanic girls have big butts(examples: Tahiry, melyssa ford, Buffy the body, Jennifer Lopez, tyra banks, lola luv, melanie brown, beyonce and many other black and hispanic famous and non-famous girls or females around the world) people get mad and say it's a stereotype but the true fact is IT'S A STEREOTYPE THAT IS TRUE because it's not only black girls or hispanic girls in America but overseas too. many black girls in Africa and the Caribbean have big butts(also a minority few that don't) they eat different foods and environment from African American women but they still have big butts so that is pure GENES.

Do all black men like women with big butts?

Nope. It depends on the man.

Why do Latinas have big butts?

Every race has women with big butts, flat butts, round butts, square butts, firm butts, flabby butts, etc. Women come in all shapes and sizes. i agree i love a white woman with a nice butt, its amazing

Do Asian women have big butts?

Not generally.

Why do white girls tend to have smaller butts than black and Hispanic girls?

Black and Hispanic people have more under-lying fat because of the color of their skin. However, genetics certainly have something to do with it and not all Blacks or Hispanic people have large butts. Black women (and men) have a slightly different angle of the pelvis to the femur which gives them a slightly higher butt. Not sure that underlying fat has anything to do with skin color, since I have seen some pretty large white butts. The color of a person's skin has absolutely nothing to do with the size of their butts. It is the extra weight some people carry around that gives them a big butt. I work with the public, and I see not just big butts but huge ones on people of every race under the sun. To say that Blacks and Hispanics have bigger butts than any other race is a rather racist remark. By the way, most of the ones I see are on white males.

Is Big Meech Black?

no he is hispanic

Do Arab men like women with big butts?


What is the name of the women with big butts?


Do Japanese men like women with a big butts?

not really

Do women with big butts prefer doggy?

No, I believe not only them.

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Why do Latinas have big butts?

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