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Q: Why do black girls have fat butts?
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Why do majority of white girls have smaller butts compared to black or hispanic girls?

GENETICS there are white girls that have big butts(kim kardashian) but the majority of them don't, it's usually the breast thing they rule in. Besides that having big butts or being curvy is not consitered sexy in the white community(have you noticed the ones that say is my butt to big are white girls, white men considered it a sign of being fat). In the black and hispanic community big butts(and curviness NOT FAT) have been embraced for a long time by them, especially with their men. Although that's the case there are black and hispanic girls out there that don't have big butts but they are the minority, the majority of black and hispanic girls have big butts(examples: Tahiry, melyssa ford, Buffy the body, Jennifer Lopez, tyra banks, lola luv, melanie brown, beyonce and many other black and hispanic famous and non-famous girls or females around the world) people get mad and say it's a stereotype but the true fact is IT'S A STEREOTYPE THAT IS TRUE because it's not only black girls or hispanic girls in America but overseas too. many black girls in Africa and the Caribbean have big butts(also a minority few that don't) they eat different foods and environment from African American women but they still have big butts so that is pure GENES.

Why do white girls with big butts like black guys?

I think it is the black guys go for the white girls with big butts. The girls can't help how their butt looks and the size of the butt doesn't make you like a certain race.

Why do girls have bigger butts?

since its proven that girls contain more fat around the hips and buttocks area therefore giving them a "bigger butt" as you called it

Do girls try to make their butt jiggle when they walk?

Some do yeah, but it's often natural because girls should have some wobbly fat on their butts

Do swimsuits make butts look big?

No, fat butts make butts look big.

Do girls bleed out there butts?


Do girls pea from their butts?

No they do not

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

Do girls pee out of their buts?

No girls do not pee out of their Butts, if that was what you were asking :)

Why do gay girls like girls butts?

Because they are attracted to girls and not boys

Why black girls like big butt is there a Secret?

Just like everything else in life, people are not grouped together on likes and dislikes by their race. There is no scientific proof that black girls like big butts.