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Well the iPod touch gives off the least radiation ,while the iPad gives off the most radiation. For kids I recommend the iPod or use a computer at home . The iPod and the computer radiation is so low it is harmless.on the other hand the iPad gives of harmful radiation.

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Q: Which gives off the least radiation ipod ipad or computer?
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How do you communicate iPad games to a computer?

You can sync your iPad apps to the computer by opening iTunes on your computer and plugging in your iPad. It will then sync automatically.

Is the iPad safe?

The iPad is a great device exept for one thing radiation. The iPad gives off radiation that is not that harmful for adults but very for harmful for kids . I suggest the iPod touch by apple .......any generation .also this device is more for high school or college homework and business although the iPod is a more practical device for kids and teenagers . -FTC

What type of computer is an Apple iPad?

The Apple iPad is a "tablet" computer.

Why does your computer not recognize your iPad?

isent a ipad more of a computer than a music player

Can a phone be a computer?

no but an ipad is like a computer

How can you activated iPad?

When you buy an iPad, it will come with a charger and a plug. To activate your iPad, you will need a computer with iTunes. Plug one end of the chord into your computer and the other into your iPad. Once your computer reads it, follow the instructions that iTunes tells you to do.

Can you jailbreak your iPhone from iPad?

no because an iPad isn't a computer

How do you download games for iPad using a computer?

You download them on iTunes in the App Store, and then sync the iPad to the computer.

How do you download an iPad from a computer?

You can not install an iPad app in your computer. It is code made only for IOS devices.

What is the most and least an iPad can cost?

Least is $99 for a used iPad 1. Most is several thousand for gold-plated, diamond studded iPad.

Can you sync an iPad with iTunes app on the iPad?

No. You will need to connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes to sync.

Can you put a disc in an iPad?

No, because an iPad isn't exactly like a computer, even if it has many of a computer's features.