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=because some teens hate there mom's because there to controlling and they say you don't do anything to help with the house but then they say go do this go do that and they just sit there on the computer or they are just playing lassie then they sit and go on and on again about how u get every thing u want even know you barley get what you want and there the spoiled won-es who has a tow hundred dolor shirt that STILL HAS THE TAGS ON IT! then they go out to a Christmas party go home drunk and hit and bite and pot mark es on him till he bleeds and then they are so drunk that she Cal's the pole's and she is the won GOING TO JAIL and the little girl is the won being brot social services and her dad is not answering the pone cause he is up near the mountains to the Little girl's grandpa's house and is feeling tailorable and hurt and her mom is a big pill taker and she has had 4 husbands and the little girl's father is the won taking her to drug rehab and be for she goes to rehab you are missing the some of the pill's so guise what she blames the little girl for it and she hurts the little girl rely RELY bad then the woman goes in the bathroom and she smokes some pot and 100 sigrets a week and the little girl Tell's her mom IM hungry so the mom Say's go eat a banana so the little girl does and she's still hungry so she Tell's her mom and the mom egnors her so the little girl keeps saying it and the mom says's say it one mor time i will flip out so the little girl does and her mom hurts her and purposely pushes her on the ground and then goes back and smocks some Moor secretes and still aces like a gurk.........but let's not talk to much about my mom=

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The word 'hate' is a harsh word. On a general basis when daughters get into their teens they want to flex their independent muscles and have more say in things and often, they don't realize that the mother or father has harsh rules regarding dating; the time you have to be home; what type of friends you are hanging out with; or expecting to live under their roof without doing some chores. Most parents are trying to teach their children that nothing in life is free; one has to work to gain anything in their life and to hopefully build character in their children. While you may not feel this way at the present time you will certainly consider yourself very lucky that your mother was there to protect you, love you (even if you are constantly arguing) and that's called love! For you to say you hate her for restraining you from doing things isn't fair to her and immature of you! When you get into your mid-20's to early 30's this is the time most daughters get along with their mothers.

I can remember as a teen being so angry at my mother (never hating her) because I thought she was unfair and as I went to my room to get away from her I would whisper 'b-t-h' and before I knew it that door would fling open and I was in for it! I figure she had to have ears like an owl to have heard that and never could understand how she knew what I said. It wasn't until I was in my mid-20's that I realized my mom had done the same thing to her mom! We all go through it to some degree. Now when I look back what I thought was unreasonable and unfair on her part wasn't, and I was so glad that she was wise enough to keep me safe and alert to others. She ended up saving me a lot of pain in my lifetime.

If your mother is out partying or having strange men come into the house and you don't have a good environment at home then you have cause to DISLIKE your mother. If this is the case you can talk to a relative or 'Children's Aid' so you can be moved to a better environment. Some moms don't care about their kids feelings and then go around telling people they do. Like mine.

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Q: Why do daughters hate their mother?
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