What is moderate dehydration?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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I would say that it is when you go over a week with little water. Symptoms are dark urine and constant having to use the bathroom. (don't ask me why.) some causes are being out in heat for much too long. So remember to drink lots of water in outdoor sports and activities! 

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Loss of 5-10% is considered moderate dehydration.

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Q: What is moderate dehydration?
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Can the body adapt to dehydration?

Most likely the body won't adapt but if you somehow have something that helps it most definitely can. The body can adapt short-term to mild dehydration. Moderate dehydration can begin to have deleterious effects after 48 hrs, moderate to moderately severe can be fatal in 7-10 days. Severe dehydration can cause multi-system failure in 24 -72 hrs, depending on your hydration level and general health at the time immediatetly preceding a catastrophic event.

Is oral hydration or intravenous hydration best for a dehydrated 2 year old?

Mild to moderate dehydration without vomiting can be managed with oral hydration. If the dehydration is severe or if there is frequent vomiting there is no other option but to administer fluids intravenously.

What of these term refers to the loss of bodily fluids that sometimes occurs during extended exercise?

Your question doesn't provide us with the terms so there is no answer.

How much exercise is too much?

You'll know it's too much when you start feeling Light-Headed, its hard to breathe, and you can barely walk. Such a thing is known as Mild - Moderate Dehydration.

What does the solution Drip Drop do?

Drip Drop is a solution that is used to treat and prevent mild to moderate dehydration. The solution contains a high amount of electrolytes (salts) and sugars, as well as potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C.

Does Hydrolysis or dehydration produce water as a byproduct?

Hydrolysis uses water in the reaction and dehydration removes it. The answer is dehydration.

How do you spell dehydrate?

Dehydration is spelled dehydration

Does dehydration cause hemoconcentration?

yes it causes dehydration

When was dehydration discovered and what is its medical term?

Dehydration is a medical term.

Does Ecstasy cause dehydration?

Dehydration is a common occurrence with the drug

How would dehydration affect hemocrit?

dehydration increases hematocrit

What is civil war dehydration called?

Dehydration. This question was unnecessary.