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Depends on the woman. From experience, it usually means they want your attention. Not sexually, they just want you to pay attention to whatever they may be saying.

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Q: When a woman gently squeezes your arm does that mean she wants your attention sexually?
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What does it mean when a man squeezes a women's butt?

He wants to get slapped

What does it mean if a guy rubs your leg and then squeezes it?

He is being rude and "comming on " to you. It is a way to say he wants sex.

What is the meaning when the guy always touching your hair or head gently or sometimes pinch your arm?

This means the guy you are talking about cares for you, he is careful with you .. touching you gently, he feels the need to touch you, he is passionate also he is pinching your arm to remind you of himslef, that he is still there .. he wants your attention. he likes you .. go get him :)

Why my boyfriend talks to females on the phone sexually i say something to him he says there just words im not cheating in gets mad?

He enjoys the attention of other girls, and is mad because you ask for him to devote his attention to you. He is in the wrong, and if he wants to stay your boyfriend then he should learn to be more loyal to you.

When a man told you he needs your attention What does this mean?

he wants attention...

How do you avoid attention?

To avoid attention, you should not dress like someone who wants attention. For example, someone who wants attention might wear studded belts or the newest fashion. Just be yourself!

What does it mean when a guy wants your attention?

It means he wants you to pay attention to him. Perhaps it means something beyond that, but you would have to actually communicate with him to find out whether he just wants recognition or wants a dialog.

What does it mean when a girl tells another girl she wants to f you?

It means she is sexually attracted to you and she wants to have sex with you.

What does that mean when a guy wants to get a girl's attention?

Hw wants her to notice him.

Would a guy still pay attention to you even if he wants to get rid of you?

well if he wants to get rid of you, he may pay attention to you, or try to get your attention and freak you out and make you wanna get away from him.

What does it mean when a boy wants a girl to come?

It they mean that sexually, the boy wants to give the girl an orgasm. Otherwise, he just wants her to visit him.

Wants attention and enjoys excitement?

If a person wants attention and enjoys excitement, they can make good company for you. These type of people are usually extroverts.