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It means he wants you to pay attention to him. Perhaps it means something beyond that, but you would have to actually communicate with him to find out whether he just wants recognition or wants a dialog.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy wants your attention?
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What does that mean when a guy wants to get a girl's attention?

Hw wants her to notice him.

What does hey baby mean when a guy yells out the car to a girl?

He wants your attention

If a guy asking u to show action what does he mean?

He wants sexual attention.

What does it mean if a guy is always poking you and pulling your ponytail?

Either he wants attention or he likes you i no because I'm a guy. :)

What does it mean when a guy pays attention to you?

Some times it means he like you and wants to date you but other times it could mean he wants to be good friends.

What does it mean when a guy touches your chair all the time in class?

He wants to draw your attention to himself.

When a boy likes you and tries to get your attention does that mean he really likes you or he wants to really dig in?

Being a guy, he probably wants to have sex with you. But that doesnt mean he doesnt really like you. You shouldn't reject a guy just because he wants sex.

What is mean a girl who's prentding that they hate their guy friends?

This mainly means that the girl wants the guys attention and she wants him to notice that she is mad.

What does it mean when a guy puts his hands on your waist at first meeting?

He is attracted to you. [Edited For Inflamatory Language]

What does is mean when a guy will make distracting noises so that a girl will look at him?

It means he wants your attention and he probably likes you.

What does it mean when a guy takes your phone?

It could mean he is interested in you and wants attention, but it just may be a friendly teasing of "haha! Come and get it"

What does it mean when a guy friend wants you to go with him to a appointment to get his tattos removed we recently hung out and we kissed?

I am no expert on this but I think it means he wants a bit of attention from you. Or he wants to see you as often as possible.