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well if he wants to get rid of you, he may pay attention to you, or try to get your attention and freak you out and make you wanna get away from him.

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Q: Would a guy still pay attention to you even if he wants to get rid of you?
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A guy asked if i liked him but has a girlfriend does this mean he might like me?

He may like you. But, he might be asking you because he likes attention and wants girls to like you. Also, he might have heard that you liked him and wanted to see if it was true. But, I would think it is mainly because he likes attention and wants girls to still think he is an absolute babe even when he has a girlfriend. :)

Is it wrong for your friend to go out with your ex when she knows you still love him?

yes. if she even considers it. would she think it would be wrong for you to put her eyes out when you know she still wants them?

Why would a guy that asked me out still like me even though I rejected him already?

Because he wants to put his penis in or around your mouth and/or ear.

Why does this guy always want to get my attention when he's the one that left me hanging?

A guy may still be trying to get a woman's attention, even after he left her, because he may be playing hard to get. If a guy is still trying to get your attention, it may be because he still has feelings for you.

How do you know if a girl you dated still likes you?

You would know by the way she interacts with you. If she's still flirting or giving you a lot of attention, most likely she does like you still. She might even ask you if you can hangout or go to an event with her

Why does he still call after getting caught cheating?

He is calling you because even though he messed up he still wants you. He still wants you because he wants to make his cake and eat it too. Truthfully he doesn't care about you or the person he cheated on you with.

What is a man called who has to have the attention of a female wherever he is even with his wife on his arm or in the room?

A player or a pimp he just wants to have fun if you know what i mean

Is Plies still in love with Shay even though they broke up?

Yeah! He still calls her and he always wants to make love with her.

Why would your Ex want you to forget him even though he still likes you?

If your ex wants you to forget about him then he doesnt really care that much, But Maybe he's hurt, maybe he still likes you but doesn't want you or him to hurt anymore.

Why does your wife nag?

Because she is unhappy. She is expressing herself in a way that is getting your attention even if it is the wrong attention it still is attention. Help her to relax and talk to her. Do something romantic for her make love to her then shell calm down

Why would a man call you constantly and want to know the details of your personal life after he broke up with you?

Even though you have broken up, he either still wants to be with you or he is just trying to manipulate you.

What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?

Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)