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what are the risks of ct scan during first trimester of pregnancy

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Q: What will happen to my baby when I had ct scan in my early pregnancy?
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I have had an early scan but shows nothing however my pregnancy tests are positive?

Are you sure it was not just a False / Positive...those do tend to happen.

How early can a scan pick up pregnancy?

A ultrasound will pick up pregnancy between 5-7 weeks into pregnancy.

When does a baby first get a heart beat during pregnancy?

At 6 weeks and will be visible on a scan.

What does 'placenta Anterior mean in doctors notes after a pregnancy scan?

It means that your placenta is in the front of your uterus. This is not an issue in early pregnancy as the placenta usually moves as pregnancy progresses. If it is still anterior near end of pregnancy it can make you have to have a C-section. Also, it will be harder to feel the baby's kicks and movement as an anterior placenta cushions the baby from the tummy.

What is the name of the person who scans the babies?

The title of a person who does your baby scan during pregnancy is a sonographer

You had a trans-vaginal scan at 3weeks pregnant due to spotting told you had a miscaraige but you are still getting signs of early pregnancy?

If you're worried about it, see another doctor. You could have a "chemical" pregnancy, which tells your body that the baby's still there when it's not.

Can a scan miss a fetus heartbeat in early pregnancy?

Yes because you may not be as far along as what you thought.

At what stage in pregnancy do you see mor than just a sac on ultrasound?

when you go for your 12 week scan you will definitely be able to see a (very tiny) roughly baby shaped baby on the scan congratulations!

What would happen if you were 8 wks pregnant but they were no baby on scan but you have not been bleeding?


What would be the most logical reason that a baby would measure 4 weeks ahead on an ultrasound and can a scan be that much off?

If it is an early scan you must have got pregnant the month before. If it is a late scan (after 30 weeks) you may have a big baby. An early scan cannot be 4 weeks off.

How can we know the gender of the baby during pregnancy?

Either by having an ultrasound scan, or by having the amniotic fluid tested.

Can your baby be dead and you not know it?

Yes, if you are early in pregnancy before you can feel your baby move. Later on, once you can feel your baby move you may feel a difference in the movements,a dead baby rolls rather than kicks. Go to your doctor or midwife and get them to scan you or just listen for the heartbeat to set your mind at rest.

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