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In the 1950s, PCP was being investigated as a possible dissociative anesthetic in humans.

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Q: What was PCP used as in the 1950s?
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Where is PCP most used?

PCP or Phencyclidine can be found in many recreational drugs.

When was pcp first used?

heatlh class

Is PCP still used as a veterinary anesthetic?


Does milk help you come down off pcp?

when i used pcp it always helped!also everyone i used it with would say the same thing it helped!

Can you test positive for pcp from kissing?

Unless a person placed PCP in their mouth and kept it there while french kissing, testing positive from kissing someone who has used PCP shouldn't be a concern.

When was PCP invented?

Phencyclidine also known as PCP was first made in the 1926 by Parke, Davis, and Company. But it wasn't until the 1950's that it was used as an anesthetic for humans called Sernyl. It was eventually used as a tranquilizer for animals by veterinary institutes. Its use in humans was stopped in 1965 because the patients became delusional, irrational, and easily agitated after they stopped taking the drug. Today it is rarely used for medicinal reasons even for animals. PCP is considered an illegal drug but it is still manufactured in laboratories and sold on the streets by a variety of different names, such as angel dust, supergrass, ozone, and rocket fuel.

Does pcp have a medical use?

Yes, PCP has a medical use as a veterinary anesthetic/tranquilizer primarily used on large animals such as horses.

What is inside PCP?

Pure PCP contains only PCP (phencylidine).

What is found in pcp?

PCP is phencyclidine, a chemical with powerful dissociative effects. Due to its relatively high potency, somewhat low cost of production, and the fact that it is often used to lace marijuana, it would be fairly rare for it to be cut with any other chemicals.

Is pcp a depression?

pcp is a tranqulizer

How is pcp administered?

PCP is not administrated

Can you get pcp out your urine in a week completely?

If PCP is used in a typical dose on a single occasion, it is likely to be undetectable by a standard urine test after a week. Of course, this can vary based on the individual, especially if liver or kidney function is impaired. If PCP is used regularly, it can usually be detected in a urine test for about a month.