What should i do i had my period for 2 weeks?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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go to a doctor and check it out hello common sense tehhehe

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Q: What should i do i had my period for 2 weeks?
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What should I do if I had my period for 2 weeks?

The duration for a period varies with the individual female but two weeks can be considered excessive. Contact a gynaecologist immediately.

After having a c-section how long does it take to get a period?

Your period should last about 2 weeks the most..

Should you feel exhausted almost 2 weeks before your period is due?


How many days should your period be apart if you 12?

it should be at least 2 to 3 weeks apart if your just getting it . If you got your period before your 12 years old it will maybe 1 to 2 weeks apart.

You been on your period for 2 weeks What is does that mean?

been on my period for 2 weeks what does that mean

How many weeks should you wait to take a pregnancy test?

About 2 weeks after sex, or a couple days after your missed period.

Is it normal to have bloody discharge 2 weeks after your period?

No, it is not normal, and should be checked out with a doctor.

How many weeks after a period should you have another one?

You should get you period about once a month, every four weeks or so.

If you were only on the pill for 1 week how long should you wait for your period?

Hello, You will experience a withdrawal bleed within 2 weeks of stopping the pill. 2-4 weeks after the withdrawal bleed your period will arrive.

What should you do when you're 2 weeks late for your period?

You take a pregnancy test and see your physician.

What would cause me to have another period after 2 weeks?

Because your period came 2 weeks earlier than it was suppose to.

You had your period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?

I had my period 2 weeks ago and am bleeding again is that normal?