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Q: What make Women want to swallow seamen?
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How do you say I want you to swallow in Spanish?

I want you to swallow: Quiero que tragues.

How do you make yourself burp?

If you don't want to drink a highly carbonated drink just swallow air.It's that simple.You can swallow air by breathing in air,close your mouth,squeeze your cheeks,and just swallow it.

Is there another way to make a cat have kittens besides mating?

I know this is rather gross but... get an amount of a male cats seamen. Then well... you know, implant it in your cat. If you don't want to do that yourself have a professional do it. They will take care of the males seamen as well. If you don't want to do that at all, even if someone else does it, then you should just as your veterinarian what else to do.

How can you tell if a guy wants you to spit or swallow?

All guys want you to swallow, but you don't have to unless you want to.

Can you swallow dip spit?

you can if you want to

Can I swallow my own load of semen?

if you want

How many women want women?

Not enough to make a custom perfume business financially viable.

What do guys want to do to women in sex?

Make beautiful love!

Is it unsafe to eat youre own seamen?

Are you for real why would you want to but it comes from your body so its probably is fine

Why do some women only want losers?

Some women may only want losers to make themselves feel better or look better.

Can females swallow sperm?

It's not dangerous unless he has a STD and it's up to each person what they want to do. There are no "should's". If you want to it is erotic to him when you swallow even to just to taste his ejaculate.

What men need from women?

1.) They want to be valued and respected 2.) They want to be trusted 3.) They want women who are kind, considerate and honest 4.) They want to be loved and admired 5.) They want hot sex (Did you really think I was going to leave that one out?) Not only that, they want to be treated as if they are the best lover that ever existed. They want the woman to say things like "I want you" or "you make me feel so good" 6.) They want women who are fun to be with 7.) They want women with a sense of humor that will also laugh at his jokes 8.) They want women who share some similar interests and have similar values 9.) They want women who make them feel macho 10.) They want women who appreciate men for who they are and will not try to change them This is just a partial list in no particular order.