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It mean there in love so find another person to make them jealous

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Q: What it means when someone says are we friends ( this person likes me and i like them )?
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What does it mean when a guy is flirting with you but he likes someone else?

It means he wants someone else but is flirting with you as a second resort if the person he likes doesnt like him back

What does hot mean when someone asks if someone is hot?

it means if someone looks or is sexy Or for a BETTER answer than the one given above it means attractive. And if someone is asking you do you think someone is hot,it probably means that the person asking you likes the person he or she is asking about. =)

How can you know if someone likes you?

you know that someone likes you from how they act around you. If they act nervous around you when your alone it either means they like you or their shy, but if they act nervous around you when theres friends around he either likes one of your friends and is trying not to mess up in front of them, likes you, or just isn't good around people.

How are you able to know when a person likes someone?

Usually when they are flirting, that means that they like the one they are flirting with.

What does it mean when someone refers to a person's 'inner circle'?

When someone refers to a person's inner circle it means they are referring to a specific person or someone that is either close or in their group of friends.

How can you get friends in common on windows live messenger?

If you go to someone else's profile, you will see a list of "friends in common". Friends in common means that you and the person both have these friends. Your name will not be on there. If you want to get "friends in common" with someone else, you both have to add the same person.

How do ypu know if someone like you?

You will see how the person acts in front of you............. If the person acts diffrently than it means the person likes you.......but if strangely than the person hates you......................

When guys say i like you but tell somebody that they have feelings for you what it means?

Is the 'I like you' them saying that they have feelings for you or just as friends ? I guess it just means that the person genuinely likes you .

What does a kiss mean coming from someone you are not dating?

If somone kisses you, and your not dating them. That might be a sign that he or she likes you. If you are very close friends with that person, then it usually means they do. Unless, its like justa friendly hello kiss. Hope this helps! :)

What does it means if the guy that likes u stares at your friends?

It might mean he likes them too.

What is the definition of normal?

some think that the deffinition of normal is perfect, someone with alot of friends, or anything that they are not, but normal really means someone who is themselves and not acting like something that they are not just to get friends. A normal person is a person that is themself.

What does it mean when someone is hitting on you?

It means someone has a crush on you and likes you.