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Usually when they are flirting, that means that they like the one they are flirting with.

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Q: How are you able to know when a person likes someone?
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Know if someone shy likes you?

If someone likes you and he or she is shy, first find out if that person really likes you. If that person likes you then try to ask that person out. I'm sure it will be fine.

Should someone ask out a person they know likes them?

yes y not

How do you know when someone likes someone?

By seeing how that person acts around that person And sometimes you don't because they do not show it at all

How do you know that Peyton List likes Cameron boyce?

You know when someone likes a person by their behavior. You can watch their body language when they talk to or about the person to find out. You can also ask them.

How can someone know if a person likes you?

The person will act different around you, maybe shy or talk a lot or bug you. Their characteristics become oddly distinctive and you can tell that someone likes you.

If someone likes a boy but they don't know if he likes that person back?

umm ask the honest, its the first step to a healthy relationship

How do you ask someone if they like you?

well, it's kind of embarrasing asking someone if they like you or not, and you might get a no or a yes 50-50. But i would suggest someone close to that person ask her/him if she/he likes you or not.if you mean "how do you ask someone out if they like you", then you have to think, do you like her/him too and your just not askin her/him out just bcuz she/he likes you too, let me tell you, if she/he found out you just ask him/her out bcuz you know she/he likes you, BIG TROUBLE! if you like this person and you know this person likes you too, then ask her/him casually, sweet, and don't stammer at the words. Be able to tell her/him when you guys aren't undisturbed by anyone.

How do you know if someone really likes they say they do?

If a person says they like someone will spend a lot of time with them.

If you like a person and you know the person likes someone how do you find out who the person likes?

You could try to ask his friends and if you're not ready to do that you may want to ask your friends to do it for you

How do you know If someone likes you when you like them but they never look at you or talk to you?

In that case, you would just have to confront the person you think who likes you.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes someone else and always says not to tell?

He just wants to let someone know about his relationshipical feelings... But he also wants the person he likes not to know... yet...

How do you know when your friend likes someone?

They'll start flirting with this person and they will most likely talk about this person a lot.