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Q: What is the harm in constantly picking the scabs off your arms?
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Is picking the skin off of your toes self-harm?


What is a place of protection from harm?

in jesus arms

Does nail biting cause harm to the body?

It will not cause harm to your body, it is just a nasty, germy habit. Just like picking your nose...........

What does safe in the arms of Jesus mean?

He is our protector. As long as we trust in Him, He will keep us safe from harm.

Is Self equals Harm an addiction if you think about it a lot but I do not self-harm?

Self harm is something that some people do to hurt themselves in various ways. Self harm can become an addiction, or be an addiction even if a person doesn't hurt themselves. If they think about it often, or research it constantly, it might be an addiction.

Are you suposed to pick bunnies up by there ears?

no rabbits ears are very sensitive and they use them very readily for hearing and picking them up by the ears can harm their hearing

What are short term effects of self harm?

- Blood getting places - Cuts/burns on body - Scabs can become very itchy - People inquiring - Having cuts, and looking at them on a daily basis, can be a trigger for even more cutting.

Is Self Harm an addiction if you think about it a lot but do not do it?

An addiction is something that a person doesn't think they can live without. Thinking about self harm, looking up information on it, or consistently showing interest might mean it is an addiction, even if you do not self harm.

Why should you stop picking food?

There's no harm with 'picking' at the food on your plate, as long as you try eating a bit of each item on your plate. (It's a bit insulting if you don't even try something, when somebody else has made it for you). However, some parents find people 'picking' at their food annoying, since it takes them longer to eat it (and they have to watch).

Are all addictions unhealthy?

The addiction itself has no harm to you at all. The only harm there is, is when you constantly ingest toxic chemicals. Coffee has been drank for a few hundreds years and not a single health problem has been reported.

Is it OK if a stepfather constantly bullies you?

If your stepfather tells you to do your homework; not allow you out too late on school nights; asks you to do chores; perhaps tell you not to speak to your mother in the wrong way or not respect him either; tells you to clean up your room then this is not bullying. If your stepfather pushes; shoves; twists your arms; slaps you or threatens to do bodily harm to you; swears at you then no, it is not alright for him to constantly bully you and if this is happening you need to talk to your mother. If your mother is not available then speak to your grandparents or other close relatives.

How do you know if you are picking bad magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms do not exist they are only a myth or a legend. The mushrooms you think you might be picking are toad stools and they are dangerous and can badly harm you so stay clear. There are also types of eating mushrooms like field ones you might have for your breakfast or dinner.