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Q: Is picking the skin off of your toes self-harm?
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Does your skin grow back if you pick it off your face if you have sunburn on your face?

The skin that you're picking off is dead skin. Yes it grows back.

What is the word for cut away dead skin?

DEAD SKIN.. The process of removing dead skin and scabs or what your mum used to call "picking your scabs off " is called Debridement.

What does it mean when a leopard geckos hands are black?

It could be that if your gecko has just shed it's skin, it's toes nead a soak in water in order to soften the dried skin around the toes. Geckos shed and eat the skin for nutrients, and can normally do a good job of getting the skin off themselves, but toes are tricky and without a helping hand of a soak, the skin can cut off the circulation to the toes and the tips will eventually drop off, resulting in them not being able to cling as well. When you spot your gecko looking a like he/she has a white film, then they are going to shed most likely the same day, so for the next couple of days keep an aye out and once the shed is finished, help with the toes. it can also help to spray the tank with a mist of water to keep humidity up to help wit the overall shed.

Can toes fall off if you have trench foot?

Yes! If your toes are badly damaged, your nerve endings can break down and die, causing your toes to fall off! Ew!

Can you get a scab off your face in 1 day?

No buddy, give the cut time to heal. Picking at scabs to make them prematurely slough off can lead to scarring. Then you'll have a skin imperfection that can't be removed so easily.

What are the ratings and certificates for Picking Up and Dropping Off - 2003 TV?

Picking Up and Dropping Off - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Did barack Obama cut off 6 of his toes to become president?

No, he did not cut off any toes. He was elected, just like every other president.

Can people bite off there own toes?

yes they can they cut them off then bite them

Does Nightjohn get his finger cut off?

He got two toes cut off.

Will brigit mendler let you suck on her toes?

Yes I believe she does I'd love to massage chocolate pudding and cool whip whip cream on her feet and toes then lick them off her feet and suck them clean off her pretty toes

Can foot size be reduced?

cutting the toes off?

What happened to Andy's toes?

a dog bit them off