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is it a felony

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Q: What is the code for possession of a prescription drug without a prescription?
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Is Xanax considered a drug?

Xanax is a controlled substance and if you are in possession of it, without a prescription, then it is illegal.

What is something that is illegal in 50 states?

Homicide, drug possession without prescription, possession of certain illegal drugs, and much more.

Is Valium an illegal drug?

Valium is a prescription drug. If you are in possession of it without a prescription, then yes, it would be illegal. If you have a doctor's prescription for it, then no, it is not.Google "valium" and read the wiki.. i think its a schedule 3 or 4

What is the charge for possession of a prescription drug without a prescription?

Usually a misdemeanor for small amounts of common drugs, but ultimately depends on the type of prescription drug, the quantity, and state laws. May be a felony in some cases. what is the charge for claudipne with out a prescription Claudipine or Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that is prescribed sometimes to relieve anxiety, ease alcohol withdrawal, or help people sleep. It is a controlled substance and requires a prescription to take legally. A person in possession of this drug without a prescription can be charged with a felony.

What is the penalty for possession of Oxycontin in the US?

nothing because its a common medical drug Oxycontin is a controlled substance that requires a prescription. Possession of Oxycontin without a prescription is a felony. In Missouri a sentence of 7yrs in prison is possible.

The most used illegal drug?

The most illegally used drug today would be prescription pills. If someone is in possession of a prescription drug that is not theirs, it is the same as possession of a controlled narcotic. The most used completely illegal drugs are methamphetamine's.

Where to get heartworm medicine without prescription?

You cannot. It is a prescription drug.

Is Oxycontin and illegal drug?

no not if it is prescribed, but for recreational purposes yes it is if you posses Oxycontin without a doctor authorized prescription it is considered illegal possession of a controlled substance

What is penal code 11364.1 A?

possession of drug paraphernalia

What does NDC on a prescription mean?

National Drug Code

Is it illegal to be in pos session of soma without a prescription in California?

Yes, possessing a prescription drug without a prescription is illegal in California.

Does naproxen show up on a drug test?

No. Naproxin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), and is available over the counter, without a prescription. It is not tested for in drug screens for illegal drugs or drug use (using prescription drugs without a valid prescription).

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