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If you don't have a docter check your ankle then you are very likley to break it

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Q: What will happen if your ankle keeps cracking?
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Is being able to make a cracking sound by rotating your ankle normal?


Is it serious if your ankle keeps cracking?

it depends in what way if your just rotating it over and over again that's normal if it is like you keep walking and it does that idk sorry but if it starts to hurt i would call a doctor

What to do when your ankle keeps popping when you bend and apply pressure not the sound actually popping out?

The best thing to do when your ankle keeps popping when you bend it and apply pressure is to visit a doctor. Even without any sound of popping the ankle may need to have a X-Ray.

What caused the cracking sound of the ankle joint after the sport activities?

Normal cracking of joints which we probably all suffer from, or can induce, is apparently caused b ythe moving of some kind of gas in the joints/cartilidge- Incredible? Perhaps this is the answer.

What does it mean If it hurts to walk on your ankle?

It could possibly mean one of three things: Growing Cracking it to much OR You could be walking on your tiptoes to much

Why is grease applied to the hooves of horses?

Grease is used as a conditioner on dry hooves. It keeps the hooves from drying & cracking.

How often does an ankle sprain happen in volleyball?

It doesn't happen too often, but it does happen. A lot of people wear ankle braces to prevent this from happening. The most common place for it to happen would be on the front row when one person comes down on another persons foot.

If you have pain in your knee when you bend it?

If you have been hurt there before this will happen. Especially after braking or cracking.

What happen to Sam Houston's ankle?

He was shot in the foot at the Battle of San Jacinto.

What does it mean if your ankle cracks?

it means that you are to much on ur ankels and that you need to rest and you re also probly to skinny.

Is cracking your knuckles in your ankle harmful?

No. I don't believe that it is. I think it releases stress on you joints. So your tendons can move more freely. If it becomes a habit though then it may indicate a behavioral problem or Arthritis. Be kind to yourself by carrying around Aspercreme or mint scented (also comes in vanishing sent) Ben Gay.

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