Should everyone have health care

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes! What if someone died that you love! You probally think that it would never happen to you , but it can! I mean if you dont have Health care, Youre just putting you and the people you love in danger! :)

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Q: Should everyone have health care
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What is major argument in favor of national health care?

everyone did not have health care

What is a major argument in favor of national health care?

everyone did not have health care

What health care is all about?

'health-care" is to insure that everyone in the country has access to proper health care no matter what their financial circumstances are.

Should everyone be forced to buy health care?

no because some poeple dont have enough money

What is univerisal health care?

Universal health care is when health care is provided by the Federal Government. Everyone is covered, but not necissarily with a good plan.

Who has not Access to health care?

Just about everyone has access to health care, but if they can't afford the cost they have a problem.

Where should one turn to for help when they have questions about their health?

Health is a very important topic for everyone. If one has questions about how they are feeling, they should speak with a health care professional who can examine them and is qualified to address their concerns.

What is the purpose of the care bill?

The purpose of the health care bill is so that everyone in the United States has an opportunity affordable health care. The health care bill is highly debated.

How does Obama stand on the health care?

i think that Barack Obama thinks that every one should have Health Care and in order for that to happen he must rase taxes! i think obama wants to help and he has to what he neeeds to get good health care for everyone that might need it

Do you feel health care should be marketed to patients?

health care should be marketed to patients?

Is it better to have good health care at high cost for some or minimal health care for everyone at low cost?

Ask a Cuban.

Should everyone in society be guaranteed the best health care possible?

No. You get your own heath care. It should NOT just be given out. That would be the government taking care of us which goes against our founding fathers beliefs and what they sacrificed and died for.