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Q: What is physical need of an individual?
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How can regular participation in physical activity improve an individual's overall health?

Regular participation in physical activity reduces the need for a balanced diet.

What does subsequent needs of individual mean?

something that can effect the individuals Physical, Social, Emotional and intelectual need

What disorder is a condition in which an individual acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick?

That is factitious disorder. They are suffering from a need of attention.

What is the relevance of physical fitness to every individual?


The physical appearance of an individual?

PhenotypeIn Spanish _ bajo

Do sport agents need a physical?

yes you will need a physical

What is natural physical endowment?

Natural physical endowment refers to the innate physical characteristics or attributes that an individual possesses, such as height, build, muscle strength, and coordination. These traits are determined by genetics and contribute to an individual's natural abilities and aptitudes in various physical activities or sports.

Is the physical traits that is expressed in an individual?

This would be their facial features.

Would it be wrong to refuse a hug from an enemy?

If an individual desires physical contact with you, in any form, and you do not desire physical contact it is okay to say no. An individual should never allow physical contact unless they are completely comfortable with said contact.

What is a genetic characteristic of the individual?

The genetic traits, both physical and behavioral, that the individual possesses on his personal genome.

What is the physical dimension of man?

The physical dimensions of a man are his measurements. These measurements are different for every individual that lives on Earth.

What is a physical need?

A physical need includes food, water, clothing, and shelter. Physical needs are those needs that are met through physical objects.