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If an individual desires physical contact with you, in any form, and you do not desire physical contact it is okay to say no. An individual should never allow physical contact unless they are completely comfortable with said contact.

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Q: Would it be wrong to refuse a hug from an enemy?
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Is it wrong to hug a Navajo?

I don't believe that it's necessarily wrong. It just may not be a custom to hug so it might not be normal thing to them. Again, I don't believe it would be necessarily wrong.

How do you steal money from your friends?

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There is this girl that show interest in me last year now its a new year i saw her first day she calls out my name she asks for fistbump but i say hug and we hug is she still interested in me?

You have not given enough information here to know the answer to your question. Even if she was not romantically interested in you, she probably would not refuse your hug because it would have seemed rude. However the best way to tell if she likes you is to spend more time with her.

If your cousin gives you a bigger hug than everyone else also squeezes you when giving you a hug what does this mean?

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It means that he would hug you and then it could lead to more than a hug!! :)

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Give me a hug. Would you give me a hug?

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It means the guy asked at the wrong place and should search for better place to ask their

Is it wrong for a Muslim man to give a friendly hug to a girl of his dreams?